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To gain a some insight on AlNik’s Theme, Mission and Management Background as a company, and more information on the product development visions please visit the AlNik Solutions Website:”

The AlNik Solution Mission:

AlNik Solutions was founded based on many experiences of Program Manager Associates, observing that intelligent earned value project management (EVM) and Workload & Workforce Forecasting Solutions for business is, as with many other professional fields, inherently a complex prospect. AlNik has taken the path of “Fully Integrating” its Enterprise “Multi User” products from the first idea for a project plan, to the close-out and delivery of all project results. The PMPlan Stand Alone products, while not fully integrated, follow the same path.

Customers and businesses who are not fully versed on, and vested into the Value-Added EVM Techniques, along with the associated Workforce & Workload, Planning, Pricing, Project Management, and EVM Analysis & Reporting Portfolio Requirements, are the most likely to require integrated quality tools to address this paradigm. They should be addressing this integration paradigm with vendors having reliable EVM developed application software, service, and support; and should consider all to be available at a reasonable and affordable price. EVM is the preferred performance measurement technique of most government agencies, while it is also equally as reliable and valuable for most commercial customer requirements. Integrated EVM techniques are the most cost-effective, when properly directed and applied, over other types of performance measurement techniques, as they can quickly measure the potential success or failure of planned projects.

Customers, developing the Workload to support its forecasted Workforce profitability would need to, just as they would with any other type of professional service provider, fundamentally considered as Trusted Allies, professional service providers in the arena of “Fully Integrated” Enterprise Workload & Workforce Planning tools, along with the principals of EVM performance measurement. These service providers should also be supplying the appropriately integrated software tools and service support for such integrated processes.

AlNik Solutions, as such, makes every attempt to serve its customers as Trusted Allies providing them with the necessary tools that contain specifically crafted inputs and outputs that meet customer unique requirements and objectives, while incorporating the loyalty of a dedicated business partner along with the economics of an outside vendor, which results in gaining Workforce billable time.

AlNik Solutions strives to ensure that all of it’s customers have their selected applications developed to meet government standards, but to also be applicable to lesser commercial requirements that are required to effectively plan and manage their projects, and forecast their resources as well as possible given the maximum of efficiency and reliability. AlNik Solutions product applications are Mission Critical, so we provide our customers with assurance that we will be there when needed.