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Customer Feedback

AlNik Solutions relies heavily on user feedback to keep PMPlan up-to-date, and provides insight to the users organizational processes and procedures where they impact project enterprise processes and procedures.

The PMPlan products, and in particular PMPlan Enterprise are fully capable products as they stand, however, because of the unique differences between clients needs, they are evolutionary products, and as a result are still a work-in-process. While AlNik Solutions makes every effort to adhere tightly to the principals of the ANSI/EIA-748 standard for earned value management (EVM), the standard does not dictate how an organization should implement the standard as it is applied to its processes and procedures, but it does dictate what the results of an organizations project enterprise processes and procedures must achieve.

We have found through discussions with our customer contacts, that how each organization, or sub-group within an organization, proceeds to obtain the required results from their project enterprise processes, are far from being standardized, and are all over the map. This is not to say that the ANSI criteria cannot be achieved, but that the processes for developing a plan and obtaining or developing data to obtain the results of the plan, as directed by the criteria, is quite often unique to that organization or group.

The challenge for us then is the process of integrating an evolutionary PMPlan product into each customers organizational project enterprise requirements, and providing custom support for their unique requirements. This is why good customer feedback is critical to AlNik Solutions.

What Users Say About PMPlan Products and Support!

  • “…I’ve reviewed dozens of PM software packages and PMPlan is one of the easiest to get information into and has a wider range of desired features than most.”

  • “…as a program manager, the PMPlan application is so intuitive that I was able to develop my first plan without reference to help..!”

  • “…The best feature PMPlan provides, always has been that the program starts with the WBS and is oriented around the WBS..! “

  • “…a Superior negotiation tool, PMPlan dramatically illustrates to the client the cost, schedule and staff impacts in real time. Quickly and visually illustrates the answers for typical questions …!”

  • “…what went well during negotiations at the clients facility– …it was our contracting officers first experience with the client’s intensive look at technical activities, capabilities and cost basis. Again the star of the show, in addition to the project manager, was PMPlan. As our contracting officer stated more than once, without it there would have been no way to illustrate the technical objectives and then cut capability in an efficient manner with an instant re-cost.”

  • “…our complete disclosure during negotiation of activity listing down to the 6 levels, and again the team doing exhaustive pre-planning using PMPlan made the basis of estimate in-disputable.”

  • “…the project managers succinct technical prowess during negotiation and at illustrating to the client, using PMPlan, the effects of budget cuts and capability degradation or elimination.”

  • “…PMPlan illustrates the project phases and resource implications of milestones as well as the horizontal schedule and the fiscal relationships among them. …this planning tool can articulate those 3 dimensions quickly to planners, clients and management. “

  • “…in PMPlan, the budget screens can impart the global or detailed perspective with the superior features built into the user interface selections. This flexibility during time sensitive negotiations has been critical to proposal closure.”

  • “…PMPlan provides the complete package, and is not dependent on any other software investment, making PMPlan relative inexpensive when considering the cost associated with buying multiple packages to achieve the same result..!”

  • “…we recognize and sincerely appreciate the patience, the hours of assistance, the continual questions from someone or other here, and the cooperation and support that you have provided to this process. We would not have succeeded without your help.

  • “…I personally want to very much thank you…not just because of the exceptional PMPlan software that you are providing, but because of your continuous support and help.

  • “…I have struggled for years with an almost incomprehensible resistance on the part of management to put fully integrated PM tools in the hands of those who need them: PMs, DPMs, CAMs, task managers, and enable them to do their jobs. Instead we end up struggling with a mish mash of ….spread sheets, …. project schedulers …. home grown scheduling tools ….presentation software and on and on. I have found one ray of sunlight in this wilderness; PMPlan. It is fully integrated from WBS creation through fully linked scheduling, resource loading, costing and pricing, Work Authorization, Basis of Estimate tool, and full tracking and reporting to DOD standards. It is very inexpensive and so intuitive, easy to use, and devoid of extraneous bells and whistles, that I use it every day. They have an enterprise version where multiple CAMs can work on the program at the same time. It really is worth a look…WSP, LMCO

  • “…The first PMPlan Enterprise proposal used in negotiations performed the calculation of a start date change in seconds, and provided a price difference that was significantly greater than the manually estimated price increase. The savings resulting from that single error prevention more than repaid the cost of the PMPlan software…”
    “…PMPlan Enterprise has been a huge benefit…There is a significant amount of time reduction for avoided manual calculations, material part inputs, and pricing audit support efforts, which have resulted from the integrated PMPlan usage…which every business could readily embrace with quickly calculated, improved pricing and forecasting accuracy at a reduced labor cost performed in audit supportable formats…PMPlan a SQL Server based integrated Enterprise system, is used for all proposal pricing, program cost/schedule tracking, audit support, EVMS status, and reporting. We reviewed 12 other software packages, and other modular software packages before purchasing PMPlan…”
    “…The software price, the hourly support cost, the annual fee, and the received reaction time of PMPlan staff to every reported issue/question far exceeded every competitor…The beauty of PMPlan Enterprise is that it is the single, integrated software system that is used for pricing and scheduling proposal activities, performing “what ifs” during negotiations or program performance, that reflects the final negotiated cost/price, and converts the proposal file to the program-management file used for project execution…These files can be duplicated, to price “similar to” or “same as” projects using incurred costs adjusted for the most current rates/factors. Additionally, files can be combined resulting in a cost projection and schedule for multiple facets of the program…Management has the capability to review any proposal and/or program files, and review the financial performance of a project and/or a summarization of all projects, at will.”
    “…The common database supporting PMPlan Enterprise is maintained using current effective bid rates, which eliminate proposals and/or EACs calculating based on outdated rates/factors… a management reserve calculation is available that creates cost “challenges” based on labor hours, material cost, or a combination of both… there is a multiplier that can increase cost/price should the quantity of any given element of the proposal or EAC be increased…There is a standard pricing capability that…provides a menu of options from which a unique system configuration is created and priced from standard cost values entered into the database…Incurred costs are downloaded from the accounting system into the PMPlan Enterprise database weekly, but most programs are statused monthly…PMPlan can status daily, weekly, or monthly.”
    “…PMPlan Enterprise is used to develop a price on our accepted DCAA pricing system, and provides the necessary proposal documentation…PMPlan Enterprise is accepted Earned Value Management software, and prepares the routine EVMS monthly reports…Additionally, PMPlan Enterprise generates all required internal reports, plus multiple analytical reports and graphs, which include indices based, schedule and cost estimates…Auditors and customers who have witnessed PMPlan Enterprise are always impressed with the many capabilities of PMPlan, but are particularly amazed at the economical price of this software, which is under $100K…PMPlan Enterprise was determined compliant for ISO 9000 requirements during an ISO audit… SG, GDST Richardson