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How do I copy a resource pool from one project to another project? 2013-06-16T18:33:23+00:00
To copy a resource pool, do the following:
  1. Open the source project
  2. Click the “Resources Tab”
  3. Click menu option “Project | Resources | Save Resource Pool”
  4. Provide a filename without extension (PMPlan will add .anr4 extension).
  5. Create or open target project
  6. Click the “Resources Tab”
  7. Click menu option “Project | Resources | Load Resource Pool”
  8. Select the file created in step 4.
I have an activity marked as 50% complete, but the black status bar in the Gantt Schedule is indicating only about 25%. Why is that? 2013-06-16T18:32:00+00:00
The 50% complete is based on the baseline spending plan, not the physical length of the activity, thus in the above sample 50% of the effort was to be completed in 25% of the physical length of the activity.
When I enter a new status date, the application prevents the schedule from starting or ending before the new status date, but I want to keep the baseline schedule. How do I do that? 2013-06-16T18:31:12+00:00
The new status date is enforcing that your activities can have “Planned” schedule in the future, and it is not affecting your baseline schedule at all. To see this, you can have the Gantt Schedule show your baseline schedule as a thin bar below each “Planned/Actual” schedule bar.
Why doesn’t my changed planned budget display in the “Status Tab”? 2013-06-16T18:30:28+00:00
If you want your new planned budget to become the “Total Budget” in the “Status Tab”, you need to reset the baseline.
Why doesn’t my project’s budget in the “Total Effort Tab” match the “Total Budget” in the “Status Tab”? 2013-06-16T18:29:34+00:00
Be sure you are looking at the same value. The “Total Budget” in the “Status Tab” is the same as the “Baseline” budget in the “Total Effort Tab”. If “Total Effort Tab” is showing only “ETC or EAC”, then you need to go to options to have the “Total Effort Tab” display baseline.
What is the different between PMPlan Enterprise and PMPlan Premier? 2017-01-17T19:59:22+00:00
Operationally, both of these version have all of the same feature, but use different licensing methods. PMPlan Enterprise uses the concurrent licensing method with the base installation set up for allowing up to 20 concurrent connections to the database (You can install PMPlan on any company PC). PMPlan Premier is licensed by each PC and is more suitable for small groups of users (typically 2-10).
Is there a way to use a previously entered material or travel resource item? 2013-06-16T18:27:36+00:00
Yes! If you have already created a material item such as AZ Chemicals in another activity, you can select from the drop down combo located at the top of the dialog to the right of label “Pick from Project List >>” or you check the option “Show All Project Material” to force the display of all material items.
How do I delete a previously entered material resource item? 2013-06-16T18:26:30+00:00
Each material line item that is in the “Details” Dialog is stored at the project level, thus to “Delete” this material line item you should set the count to zero (Note: you should not set the “Cost per Unit” to zero since it would also set it to zero in any other activity.
Can I import Microsoft Project? 2013-06-16T18:24:52+00:00
Yes, you can import your tasks and milestones with related schedule and logic network linkages by doing the following:
  1. Open the desired project in MS Project.
  2. Do a ‘Save As’, but save the project as a XML file.
  3. Close MS Project.
  4. Open PMPlan and select ‘Cancel’ on the start-up dialog.
  5. Select Import MS Project.
  6. The WBS, Milestones, Schedule (Planned, Baseline, and Actual), logic network, and custom fields will be imported. Resources and Loading will not be imported.
After installing PMPlan, and trying to open one of the sample projects or start a new project, I am getting following error message: “Error was generated trying to attach…” 2017-01-17T19:59:22+00:00

If you installed on Windows Vista, 7, or 8, the your virus protection application or company’s group setting prevented SQL Server Express from installing in silent mode. To correct this issue do the following:
SQL Server Express fails to install during the installation process 2017-01-17T19:59:22+00:00

If you are installing on Windows Vista, 7, or 8, the issue is being caused by one of the following:
  • You are not administrator on your PC. If so, have an administrator install at elevated rights.
  • Your virus protection application or company’s group setting is preventing the installation of SQL Server Express in silent mode.
To correct the second issue do the following: