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Product Comparison and Pricing

PMPlan Potential Competition and the Comparisons:

AlNik Solutions has not yet, or if at all, will develop a detailed feature/function comparison chart for its potential competitors such as, Microsoft’s Project products, Oracle’s Primavera products, Deltek’s Open Plan, MPM, Cobra products and Cobra’s third party add-on’s for Project and Primavera as well as others, including other software manufactures professing to offer Earned Value Management (EVM) solutions; but AlNik Solutions can however offer some comparison thoughts on the VALUE of PMPlan to Organizations such as yours.

AlNik CAN tell you that PMPlan is the grandchild of project management software, that was developed at Battelle Memorial Institute in 1980, due to the increased oversight, by the government, specifically for new EVM requirements and demands to better manage project performance when, at that time, little was known of EVM within the government, or within industry. The software was not only developed as an EVM reporting system to provide consistency in the project management process, but was also developed to meet these new delivery requirements of some government agencies. The software rights were transferred to the original developers, Carl Albro and Les Nikodem in 1998, to develop a commercialized version. This new version, PMPlan, was released to the public March 2003, when AlNik Solutions was founded, with the prime goal of providing a good project management tool, for all users requiring such a tool, for a reasonable price.

The PMPlan fully integrated Workload and Workforce Project Management System has competed against the above competition, and has, in some cases, won primarily based on PMPlan’s intuitive processes’ and ease of use of its rich set of features and ability to do more in less time, not to mention at a reasonable price, versus the non-integrated, non-intuitive products of the competitors, and without the necessity of having, or hiring software specialist for the purpose of being able to use the software, and not necessarily managing a task, or the project.

Most, if not all, front end project management tools are Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling engines, using CPM logic tied to a Gantt scheduling process. This tool may be used with Enterprise Project Management (EPM) applications, or with Earned Value Management (EVM) applications, but the front-end tool is the “base” of a project management tool, and the other applications are “not necessarily integrated” into the “base” software, but are tied to the “base” software, as a third party add-on that may not be integrated with all aspects of the front end tool.

With the government/industrial standards in mind, PMPlan standalone tools are fully integrated, EVM Lite, project management applications, and the Enterprise tools are fully integrated (EPM/EVM) project management applications and both are at first, WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) focused, and resource based planning tools, using Integrated Scheduling and are Precedence Logic Network diagramed to identify and define the critical path of the project schedule, and to assess any risk developed as a result of the planned cost and schedule; whereas most of the competitive products, are not fully-integrated Scheduling, planning and EVM reporting tools. Once the information is developed in some competitive applications, it is extracted from them and imported into other functional applications, such as pricing tools, and EVM tools for EVMS cost and performance analysis and reporting.

With the Enterprise tools; when we look at our customers goals, structure and processes, there are no two alike. Although the goals are pretty much in parallel, their operating processes are unique, and while their financial support structures and equipment/software may be close, they are not the same and usually require different functional approaches for integration into an Enterprise System. Our integrated project management tool is normally not effected during the integration process, except possibly for specific customization of reports or unique reports added that may be required of the process. But the database or workforce management tools , as well as the portfolio tool, may need tweaking because of a unique process.

Some elements we would suggest to be included when looking at a comparison:

  1. Ease of use (only gained through demonstration & reference checks).
  2. Affordability without reducing value. Our goal is to provide a project management tool to those in need of such tool, but priced to fit the appropriate need.

We are quite confident through the evaluation process’ in the past, that we can convey the overall increased VALUE that PMPlan can bring to your organization, as compared to the competition.

The greatest comparison of our product to the competitions, that we hear about, is that the PMPlan application is more intuitive to use, is the easiest to get information into and to obtain immediate results from, and has a wider range of desired features, especially when applied to tightly budgeted projects that require the lesser qualified resources to be involved with the project management software.

PMPlan Standalone and Enterprise Product Purchasing and Pricing: The Standalone PMPlan Serial Number(s) will be provided for activation, and the Activation Code(s) may be purchased via a credit card purchase of up to $2,000.00 per order. For orders in excess of the $2,000.00 threshold, please contact us at , or provide a purchase order or cashier’s check as an alternative method of payment. The Activation Code(s) will be provided electronically (email) once payment has processed and cleared. The Multi-User Enterprise products will always be transacted via a Request for Quote, and through a Purchase Order or Cashiers Check.

AlNik Solutions will make available to our customers, an optional Annual Maintenance and Technical Support (AMTS) subscription, that will provide, in addition to some technical support, updates, upgrades, Service Packs (minor patch releases resolving critical bugs) and/or enhancements to the Software  at no additional charge during the term of the subscription.

The revised baseline pricing for the PMPlan stand-alone products, effective July 1, 2013, is provided below:

PMPlan Products to Purchase



Subscription Fee



Stand-Alone PMPlan Products:

PMPlan4 Pro Trial Evaluation Version a 30 day free trial evaluation of the fully functional version of PMPlanPro.


PMPlan4 Standard Version “License & Activation” (each)


PMPlanPro Version – “License & Activation” (each)


PMPlanPro Annual (Jan-Dec) Software Maintenance & Support – Includes 2 hours of email/telephone support, (Jan- Dec) Annual Fee for each User License (Includes 2 hours email/telephone support, and software upgrades during the calendar year of purchase)



Multi-User Enterprise Products:

For the PMPlan Premier Application, and the PMPlan Enterprise System Applications; use this Request For Quote (RFQ) to describe your requirements for a server based Enterprise System, develop a discussion of the product needs and ultimately, receive a quoted price.

[Enterprise versions are available only through the “Request For Quote” process, with payment made by certified check or through a purchase order]


Support Services:

Optional –Training, not including Specialized Training Materials and Travel Expense, (2 trainers, 2 full days, up to 20 students hands-on). Additional labor required for specialized material will be priced at $150.00/hour/each resource.


Additional Off-Site Technical Support and Custom Work. On-Site work would require an additional “at-cost” Travel Expense.


Each Resource

* Optional – Annual Maintenance and Technical Support Subscription (AMTS); services effective January 1st of the year following software purchase.

The amounts above do not include shipping, handling or current Federal, state or local taxes levied in the United States and shall be the obligation of the purchaser. Any other present or future taxes, duties, tariffs, fees or other charges, including but not limited to excise, import, purchase, sales, use, turnover, added value, consular, gross receipts or other assessments imposed by the government of any other country or subdivision thereof shall be the obligation of the purchaser. Payments shall be made in United States Dollars (USD$).