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PMPlan Enterprise “Premier”

All four versions of PMPlan, starting with PMPlan Standard, and progressing through PMPlan Professional (Pro), PMPlan Enterprise “Premier” to PMPlan Enterprise Status, use the same source code with a different flag to identify which version of PMPlan it is.

PMPlan Enterprise “Premier” is an”PMPlan Enterprise multi-user Product” without the Line Management Forecasting and Portfolio Modules, and with a different licensing method.  The Line Management and Portfolio Server Modules may be purchased optionally, for use with PMPlan Premier.

The decision was made, to provide the PMPlan Enterprise to smaller organizations using PMPlan Enterprise “Premier”, at a price comparable to the size of the organization, and the number of users required, because the benefits to the users in using “Premier” are a magnitude more effective than the Standard and Pro versions. The “Premier” licensing method uses the per seat method for developing the price.  Instead of the “PMPlandatabase”, attached to a your provided MS SQL Server database management system, having the license and tracking the number of connections, each licensed version of Premier will be locked to a PC.

In summary, with the “Premier” version, you would be getting all of the capability of PMPlan Enterprise, but restricted to the number of licensed users. As an organization approaches 16 concurrent users (that could handle an estimated 60-75 overall users depending on the access cycle of the users), it will be more cost effective for that organization to consider going with the primary PMPlan Enterprise system, and a license can be purchased for any additional concurrent users that are required. The PMPlan Enterprise “Premier” product would allow all of the licensed users in your group to use the PMPlan Enterprise “Premier” products, and could allow other groups within the organization to access the database with licensed users (Note: The “PMPlandatabase” consists of one Production and one Archive Database, plus backups).

PMPlan Enterprise and the “Premier” Versions have all of the features of PMPlan Standard and Pro, plus these additional features/benefits:

  • One centralized location (SQL Server Database) to hold global and project data which makes it easier to maintain the global data such as Resources, Burden and Resource Rates, Pricing Types.
  • Ability to have a different rate set for the Baseline Plan versus the current plan.  On a multi-year project, the baseline rates typically will be different from the current rates due to the baseline is using projected rates while the current rates will be using actual rates for past years of the project and new projected rates for future work.
  • Accuracy pricing since it is able to use the full Burden Rate Structure including separate Burden Rate Structure for different types of projects (Gov’t, Commercial, IR&D, etc.).
  • Can generate Cost Breakdown Reports that would be acceptable to DCAA.
  • Multi-users can be doing resource loading at the same time on a large project (We have customers that are using PMPlan to price projects greater than $100 million).
  • Document Repository where you can attach documentation to individual WBS elements or at the Project level.  This gives all the project users access to documents such as Request For Proposal material for referencing and copying text into scope/objective.
  • Time and Material Type Projects.
  • Option to Price by Job Categories or Staff which can be controlled and maintain at one central location.
  • The ability to have fee by tasks instead of just the Project Level.
  • User defined Proposal Reports.
  • Multi-Level Resource Breakdown Structure which would allow reports to be at higher resource level.
  • Invoicing Plan, thus can look at cash flow.
  • All Five of the Contract Performance Reports.
  • Can be used in full EVMS system.
  • Multi-Baselines with the ability to compare current baseline to any previous baseline.
  • Historical Estimate-At-Completion Snapshots with the ability to compare current EAC to an previous EAC.
  • Formal Change Request Feature that allows the user to do a what-if process, submit Change Request, then automatically run the stored what-if instructions if approved.
  • Summary of Multiple Projects, thus providing the ability to look at resource requirements across several projects and the ability for program manager to review all their projects in one view.
  • Direct Import of Actuals from Company Accounting System.
  • Integrates with Workforce Module (LMPlan Server) that is used by line managers for project and organizational workload and workforce loading and forecasting.
  • Integrates with Portfolio Server Module that provides summary reports showing the status and health of projects to line managers, financial management and upper management.

PMPlan Enterprise “Premier” may be purchased with a minimum of five (5) user seats; (one (1) PMPlan Server License and four (4) additional PMPlan Enterprise “Premier” Licenses), for a less expensive start-up. When the price of additional Premier user seats exceed the price of PMPlan Enterprise with 20 user seats, at this point, “Premier” may be converted to the PMPlan Enterprise concurrent user licensing method with the 20 user seats. This would provide the customer with users (in excess of 20, (i.e. ~80-90 users), to all to access the PMPlan database, in groups of 20 concurrently. AlNik’s experience has been that at any one time, as a normal, anyone of the ~80-90 users have not had to wait for a seat out of the 20 concurrent seats, to be ready for access. However, this quantity of users against the 20 may vary based on varying access requirements, defined by the number of projects within the database.

PMPlan Enterprise System Products: support project management and line management teams in providing for concurrent and timely access to a centralized common project and workforce resource database by all project teams, for all projects, expediting and improving the processing of project and workforce financial and schedule forecast data.

  • The multi-user project management products, PMPlan Enterprise and PMPlan Enterprise “Premier”, are enhanced versions of the stand-alone PMPlan Standard, and with the exception of the resource pool, looks and works the same as PMPlan Standard. However, PMPlan Enterprise system products contain additional features not available in PMPlan Standard, such as the ability to define project rules, develop Burden Rate tables, etc. PMPlan Enterprise system products can be customized to access specific project financial and forecasting data of other applications and organizational databases and/or other unique management processes, allowing for additional and more comprehensive Earned Value Management EVM) and other reporting requirements.

The PMPlan Enterprise System products provide the project and line managers with compatible tools that, when jointly applied to the common data within the centralized database, provides for timely project status reports and summary data support for the administration and forecasting of the workload and workforce requirements on the total organizational human resource pool defined within the database.

The ‘PMPlanDatabase’ contains all of the tables used by the PMPlan Enterprise, PMPlan Enterprise “Premier”, PMPlanPro, LMPlan, and PMFolio products. The ‘PMPlanDatabase’ is attached to an independently purchased and installed Microsoft SQL Server™ (version 2008 R2 or later preferred), on the organization’s network server and is managed by anDBManager. anDBManager can be installed on any MS Windows® or Apple Intel based Mac®, using Parallels, compatible computer.

PMPlan Enterprise© and PMPlan Premier© Products – collectively PMPlan Enterprise, the multi-user PMPlan database server based versions of the stand-alone PMPlan Standard EVM Project Management software product.

PMPlan Enterprise, with the exception of the resource pool, look and work the same as PMPlan Standard, but the application contains additional features not available in PMPlan Standard such as a the ability to define project rules, develop Burden Rate Tables, use the common Resource Pool, and can define project specific holidays and override normal non-workdays. Resource loading, which is stored at daily level, is done from task level with automatic roll up to the cost center and the project.

PMPlan Enterprise incorporates import/export capabilities for other applications including PMPlan Standard, MS Project®, Microframe’s MPM® and ProPricer®. PMPlan Enterprise can be customized to interface with additional modules (not included with this application), custom designed to access specific project and forecasting data of other applications and/or organizational databases allowing for additional and more comprehensive Earned Value Management (EVM) reporting. This application can be installed on any of the site’s Windows® compatible computers.

The understanding of how the Workflow in PMPlan should be considered before developing a Project Plan.

Some example PMPlan “Input Forms” are:

PMP2_WBS Tree2.bmp

1 – PMPlan Enterprise Project Work Plan


2 – PMPlanEnterprise Project Logic Network


3 – PMPlan Enterprise Project Schedule


4 – PMPlan Enterprise Project Resources

5 – PMPlan Enterprise Project Total Effort

6 – PMPlan Enterprise Project Resource Effort


7 – PMPlan Enterprise Project Activity Effort


8 – PMPlan Enterprise Project Tracking


9 – PMPlan Enterprise Project Status

Contract Performance Report (CPR), five formats


CPR Format 1

CPR Format 2

CPR Format 3

CPR Format 4

CPR Format 5