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PMPlan, the Standard stand-alone version, is an EVM Project Management software tool and is AlNik Solutions original project management application that is fully integrated, using an ‘MS SQL Server Express’ database, and is used in many circumstances as an EVM Lite tool for those projects not requiring a fully mandated EVM capability. PMPlan Standard will handle 1,000 resources within 5,000 work elements for a plan period of up-to 10 years.

PMPlan, with the exception of the resource pool, looks and works the same as PMPlan Enterprise, but the application does not contain the additional features available in PMPlan Enterprise such as a the ability to define project rules, develop Burden Rate Tables, use the common Resource Pool, and can define project specific holidays and override normal non-workdays.

Resource loading, which is stored at daily level, is done from task level with automatic roll up to the cost center and the project. PMPlan incorporates import/export capabilities for other applications including MS Project®, Microframe’s MPM® and ProPricer®. PMPlan can be customized to interface with additional modules (not included with this application), custom designed to access specific project data of organizational databases allowing for additional and more comprehensive Earned Value Management (EVM) reporting. This application can be installed on any of the site’s Windows® compatible computers.

The understanding of how the Workflow in PMPlan should be considered before developing a Project Plan.

A comment from a Client!

“…; I have struggled for years with an almost incomprehensible resistance on the part of management to put fully integrated PM tools in the hands of those who need them: PMs, DPMs, CAMs, task managers, and enable them to do their jobs. Instead we end up struggling with a mish mash of ….spread sheets, …. project schedulers …. home grown scheduling tools ….presentation software and on and on. I have found one ray of sunlight in this wilderness; PMPlan. It is fully integrated from WBS creation through fully linked scheduling, resource loading, costing and pricing, Work Authorization, Basis of Estimate tool, and full tracking and reporting to DOD standards. It is very inexpensive and so intuitive, easy to use, and devoid of extraneous bells and whistles, that I use it every day. They have an enterprise version where multiple CAMs can work on the program at the same time. It really is worth a look.” WSP, LMCO


Some example PMPlan “Input Forms” are:

PMP2_WBS Tree2.bmp

1 – PMPlan Project Work Plan


2 – PMPlan Project Logic Network


3 – PMPlan Project Schedule

PMPlan Resources.png

4 – PMPlan Project Resources

5 – PMPlan Project Total Effort


6 – PMPlan Project Resource Effort


7 – PMPlan Project Activity Effort


8 – PMPlan Project Tracking


9 – PMPlan Project Status