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PMPlanPro (PRO)©


PMPlanPro© – the stand alone Professional version of the PMPlan EVM Project Management software tool.

PMPlanPro is the professional version of PMPlan Standard, and has the same look, a standalone SQL Server Express database and other features, but also has some of the additional features found in PMPlan Enterprise. PMPlanPro is planned be, at a future date, interfaced as an additional user seat with the ‘PMPlanDatabase’ that contains all of the tables used by both PMPlan Enterprise, LMPlan and PMFolio, which is attached to a central Microsoft SQL Server™ on the organization’s network server, and is managed by anDBManager.

PMPlanPro is used like PMPlan where it saves data files to the individual standalone database. To the project manager, PMPlanPro looks and works the same as PMPlan, but when used in the future Enterprise mode the application will contains all features available only in the Enterprise database, and not available in PMPlan Standard, such as the ability to define project rules, develop Burden Rates, use the common Resource Pool, and can define project specific holidays and override normal non-work days. PMPlanPro will import PMPlan data files. PMPlanPro can be installed on any MS Windows® 2000+ compatible computers.

Like PMPlan, PMPlanPro is a WBS oriented development tool, and a Resource focused planning tool. The PMPlanPro Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) integrates WBS elements and associated project resources with; Milestones, Gantt Scheduling and the Logic Network. PMPlanPro tools provide enhanced resource management (especially when it will be able to utilize the capabilities of the LMPlan product), and detail control of project budgeting and tracking, including accurate variance analysis and earned value reporting methodologies.

PMPlanPro is a significant upgrade to PMPlan suite of tools, similar to PMPlan Standard, using a ‘SQL Server Express’ database.  PMPlanPro however, handles 5,000 resources within 32,000 work elements for a plan period of up-to 10 years (+/-, limited only by the amount of installed memory, and in some cases 32 bit vs. 64 bit processing). The PMPlanPro is an EVM Lite tool, that when used in the future Enterprise mode, will meet the standards of the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA), and meet other Government standards for those projects requiring a fully mandated pricing support and EVM capability.

The understanding of how the Workflow in PMPlan should be considered before developing a Project Plan.

Some example PMPlan “Input Forms” are:

PMP2_WBS Tree2.bmp

1 – PMPlanPro Project Work Plan


2 – PMPlanPro Project Logic Network


3 – PMPlanPro Project Schedule


4 – PMPlanPro Project Resources (when used in the server based mode)

5 – PMPlanPro Project Total Effort

6 – PMPlanPro Project Resource Effort


7 – PMPlanPro Project Activity Effort


8 – PMPlanPro Project Tracking


9 – PMPlanPro Project Status

Contract Performance Report (CPR), Format 1 only