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Project Management User Criteria
An effective Project Management support tool should address, at the minimum, three critical elements of a Project Plan; the Proposed Project Plan’s Development, the negotiated Project Plan’s Execution, and the resulting activities, milestones and the Objectives of the Projects Stakeholder’s. The understanding of how the Workflow in PMPlan may help the user, should also be considered before developing a Project Plan.

Understanding the above criteria should improve the user decision process.


The Standard “Stand-Alone” version, is AlNik Solutions original project management application that is fully integrated, using an ‘MS SQL Server Express’ database, and is used in many circumstances as an EVM Lite tool for those projects not requiring a fully mandated EVM capability. PMPlan Standard will handle 1,000 resources within 5,000 work elements for a plan period of up-to 10 years.


Is a significant “Stand-Alone” upgrade to the PMPlan suite of tools in that it can be used as a stand-alone application, similar to PMPlan Standard, using a ‘SQL Server Express’ database and eventually, it may be used in an Enterprise mode concurrently with other users as an additional user seat on a server based ‘MS SQL Server’ database platform. PMPlan Pro in the future, will be structured to be able to check-out an Enterprise project file from the server, work with the plan or negotiate with a client off-site, and then return the revised/negotiated project plan to the Enterprise server. PMPlanPro handles 5,000 resources within 32,000 work elements for a plan period of up-to 10 years (+/-, limited only by the amount of installed memory, and in some cases 32 bit vs. 64 bit processing).

PMPlan Enterprise “Premier”©

PMPlan Enterprise “Premier” is the “Multi-User” PMPlan Enterprise Product without the “optional to “Premier”, Line Management Forecasting and Portfolio applications, and with a different licensing method.  AlNik made the decision, to provide the Enterprise system to smaller organizations, at a price comparable to the size of the organization, and the number of users required, because the benefits to the users in using “Premier” are a magnitude more effective than the Standard and Pro versions. As an organization approaches 20 concurrent users (an estimated 80-90 overall users), it will be more cost effective for that organization to consider going with the PMPlan Enterprise System, and a license can be purchased for any additional concurrent users that are required.

PMPlan Enterprise System© Product Suite

PMPlan Enterprise is the “Multi-User” project management product that is used concurrently with other users on a server based ‘MS SQL Server’ database management system. PMPlan Enterprise can also be used on a local or server based ‘MS SQL Server Express’ database platform with some user limitations. The PMPlan Enterprise System meets the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) standards, and other Government standards for those projects requiring a fully mandated pricing support and EVM capability. Used concurrently with other users on a server based ‘MS SQL Server’ database platform, PMPlan Enterprise will handle 5,000 resources within 32,000 work elements for a plan period of up-to 10 years (+/-,  and limited only by the amount of installed memory, and in some cases 32 bit vs. 64 bit processing). PMPlan enterprise is a suite of applications that includes;

  • Supporting project management and line management teams in providing for concurrent and timely access to a centralized common project and workforce resource database by all project teams, for all projects, expediting and improving the processing of project and workforce financial and schedule forecast data.
  • Additional features such as the ability to define project rules, develop Burden Rate tables, etc. PMPlan Enterprise tools can be customized to access specific project financial and forecasting data of other applications and organizational databases and/or other unique management processes, allowing for additional and more comprehensive Earned Value Management EVM) and other reporting requirements. Below are the supporting modules of PMPlan Enterprise:
    • A “Multi-User” Management focused Revenue and Portfolio tool, PMFolio© provides summary reports with drill down capability showing status and health of projects, revenue and cash flow forecasting, workforce requirements / forecasting, and projects deliverables to name a few.
    • A “Multi-User” line management tool, LMPlan© is a complementary module to PMPlan Enterprise, and is a powerful management software tool for project and organizational workload, and workforce forecasting.
    • A “Limited-Accessible” tool anDBManager©, is the application that provides the administrative management of the ‘PMPlanDatabase’, for managing all sensitive information with controlled access to the data contained in the centralized database.

Future PMPlan Enterprise application tools (currently in process) are:

Web Based Project and Line Management Support.

AlNik Solutions is also developing the capability to provide PMPlan Enterprise clients with the ability to provide interactive tools for internal clients (i.e. project team, management), and contracted reports for external clients (customers), via the web. Four web based tools are currently being considered:

  • anPMRpts© – Read-only reporting tool for various EVM reporting, project management resource loading, and cost and scheduling activities.

  • anPMBOE© – (For internal use only) Input tool, for developing the Project Manager Basis of Estimate for cost and schedule justification.

  • anPMEVM© – (For internal use only) Input tool, for developing project related Earned Value Management reports.

  • anLMRpts© – (For internal use only) Read-only Line Management reporting tool, for administrative resource management and forecasting.