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anDBManager© – the Microsoft SQL Server™ attached ‘PMPlanDatabase’ Administrative Management Tool.
anDBManager, is the application that provides the administrative management of the ‘PMPlanDatabase’. The anDBManager allows management and financial staff, and their delegates, to access and manipulate data within the ‘PMPlanDatabase’ for the administration and service of sensitive resource database tables that are not normally available to other staff within the organization.


PMPlanDatabase’ Access and Permissions

In anDBManager, the Labor Pool of the organizations human resources is constructed (or may be imported from and/or integrated with the organizations HR database via a custom import module (not included with this application)). The Labor Pool may be modified to include all critical data necessary to make proper decisions for the use of the organizations resources in its daily activities, whether it is billable or un-billable in nature. These modifications would include staff specific skill levels and projected staff base rate increases in addition to other custom resource table data that may be critical to the use of the resource. anDBManager, will enable the management of; staff skills and disciplines, staffing organizational structures, assignment of staff to selected labor categories, the detail and assignment of resource burdens to the organizations billable project and other un-billable activities.


Workforce Breakdown Structure Relationships and the Workforce Assignment Process


Example anDBManager Form