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LMPlan© – the server based Resource Database Pool for “Workforce” Assignments and Forecasting.
LMPlan, a complementary module to PMPlan Enterprise/Premier, is a powerful management software tool for project and organizational workload, and workforce forecasting. LMPlan uses the same resource pool and resource tree as the PMPlan Enterprise/Premier applications, but uses different project and loading tables. This module is configured for the line manager that views the resource loading on a monthly basis at the billable project level and for un-billable overhead activities. This provides a quicker means of looking across all projects and site forecasts. The project data from PMPlan Enterprise/Premier and PMPlanPro can be imported into the LMPlan tables.

LMPlan Work Flow.png

Data Flow of the LMPlan Enterprise Line Management Tool©

LMPlan provides a process for assigning and re-allocating staff to projects from the labor pool within the ‘PMPlanDatabase’.  LMPlan, as a fully functional software tool may also be used independently on the server in conjunction with the included anDBManager software tool, to plan, forecast, and provide reports on the use of the organizations resources.

Some example reports are:

Project Assignments Input Form


The Project Assignments input form is split into two tables.  The upper table shows the entire planned labor category job requests for the selected project by month.   The lower table shows staff assignments to the planned labor categories’ of the selected project.  The input interface contains several features that make it easy for the line manager to make assignments such as (1) clicking on the category in the upper table will cause the assignment table to shift to display the same category, (2) the line manager can select cells in each table than click the ‘Assign’ or ‘Unassigned’ buttons.

Allocation of Staff Input Form


The Allocation of Staff input form is the second of three input forms that the line manager can use to assign staff to planned labor categories’.  The upper table shows all of the job requests for all projects, and the lower table shows all of the company’s staff plus temporary labor if desired.  This form gives the functional manager a quick way of making assignments across all projects for their staff.

Staff Assignment Input Form


The Staff Assignment input form is the third form that the line manager can use to assign staff to planned labor categories’.  The upper table shows all of the job requests that match the staff’s job category, and the lower table shows current assignments for the staff.  The top row of the staff assignments gives an indication of the staff’s free time based on the company’s work hours for each fiscal month.

Category Capacity Assessment Report


The Category Capacity Assessment report provides functional management with an indication of the required job category usage versus the capacity of the organization, company or division.  In the sample above, the requirement includes backlog, known follow-on work, and proposals.  Each proposal can have a different rating based on the probability of winning.

Summary Requests Report


The Summary Requests report provides a condensed picture of job request for all selected projects and proposal.  The red bar represents the employee head count for each job category.  The blue bar includes long term temporary help.  The yellow bar shows the billable goal for all employees, and the green includes temp labor.  The symbols provide the minimum, average, and maximum monthly requirements.

Group Assignments Report


The Group Assignments report provides each line manager with the ability to get a summary of all of their staff.

Category Roster/Usage Combo Report


The Category Roster/Usage Combo report combines information from the Capacity by Project Kinds, Staff Roster by Job Categories, and Project Request reports.  Each sheet is for one job category.  This multi-sheet report can be exported has a Microsoft Excel file.