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PMFolio© Revenue Analysis and Portfolio tool of the organizations projects.

Sr. Management Revenue Analysis and Portfolio tool for analyzing all projects within the organizations common server database and provides summary reports showing the status and health of all of the projects, or projects of interest. PMFolio is a complementary module to PMPlan Enterprise/Premier.

Some example reports are:

Summary Balance Remaining Report


The Summary Balance Remaining Report provides a quick summary of the status of each project (general information if it is a proposal).

Summary Workforce Requirements Report


The Summary Workforce Requirements Report provides a quick synopsis of the requested loading of each job category your company is using for project plans.  The forecast is split between backlog and proposals.  You can assign a rating to each proposal to control the estimated amount of workforce based on the estimated change of winning.

Detail Workforce Requirements Report


The Detail Workforce Requirements Report displays the requested monthly hours by project, subaccount, and category.  With a simple drag and drop you can view the data in different groupings.  The main image is grouped by project then category.   The other three tare outs show grouping by category then project, category only, and project only.

Deliverables Report


The Deliverable report shows all of the deliverables that have not been completed.  The red background is overdue deliverables, yellow is due in the next 60 days, and green are due more than 60 days from the most current status date.

Activities Report


The Activities Report shows all of the activities in all of the selected projects.  The table also includes the requested hours by category for each activity.  By filtering the data, you can control which activities are displays.

Total Revenue Report


The Total Revenue Report provides the monthly breakdown of revenue for all of the projects selected in the ‘Project Listing’ tab.

Total Cash Flow of All Selected Projects Report


This report provides monthly cash flow including projections for the next 24 months.