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The Elements of a Project Plan’s Development

The expected Scope of Work of the activities associated with the project plan should include:

  1. the development of a Work Breakdown Structure to identify and define the activities required to perform all of the work, consistent with MIL-HDBK-881A, which addresses mandatory procedures for those programs subject to DoD Instruction 5000.2, and provides guidance to industry in extending contract work breakdown structures.
  2. a written description of the Objectives, and written Notes of justification or assumptions associated with each critical activity defined in the project.
  3. the identification of the key Milestones necessary to measure the progress of the work plan as it relates to budget and schedule.
  4. the development and/or inclusion of those Deliverables required to complete elements of the project plan, and of the project.

 The elements critical to developing the Integrated Master Scheduleof each activity required to perform the work in the project plan, and remain consistent with the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) 14 point schedule assessment analysis for government work, should include:

  1. the scheduling of the key Activities and Milestones necessary meet the deliverable expectations established by the plan.
  2. the logic necessary to establish the relationships and the Sequence of Activities and Milestones required to meet the objectives of the work plan.
  3. the Estimated Duration of each Activity required of the work plan to establish the total duration of the project plan.

 The Budget estimation and the Basis Of Estimate(BOE) of each activity of the project plan, consistent with the procedures of the DOD-5000.2, and DCAA Standards for Proposals and Pricing, should be derived from the following:

  1. the development of the Pool of qualifiedlabor Resources and their associated Direct labor cost to perform the work identified in the activities of the project plan;
  2. the Allocation, and/or re-allocation of the labor Resources across the activities associated the project plan;
  3. the identification and the basis of estimate for the materials, other direct costs (ODC’s), indirect costs, special facilities and equipment required of each activity, and the basis of Travel associated with the support of the activities of the project plan.