Project Plan’s Execution 2017-01-17T19:59:03+00:00

A Project Plan’s Execution should address the following:

The establishment of project Assignments that include:

  1. the development of Work Authorizations (a contract) for each activity to establish the requirements and the expectations of the project team for that activity;
  2. Control Accounts that set budgets and serve to track the cost of work performed for each activity of the project plan. In PMPlan, cost accounts are identified as work packages.

A process for the measurement of the Status of the cost and schedule of the work performedof each activity should include:

  1. a Methodology for determining the Value Earned of the work performed against cost and schedule;
  2. Graphical displays and reports of work Performance against the project’s cost and schedule.

The ability to re-baseline the project plan for inevitable Revisionsto the plan, should address:

  1. the client authorized revisions to the Work Breakdown Structure of the project plan;
  2. the client authorized re-Scheduling of critical activities and milestones in the project plan;
  3. the re-allocation of resources based on client authorized revisions to the Budget.