Objectives of the Projects Stakeholders 2013-11-19T09:04:06+00:00

Objectives of the Projects Stakeholders

The Line Management of the project labor resources should be responsible for:

    1. the project Staff Selection process;
    2. the project’s Risk Assessment issues;
    3. the Reporting on the performance of individual Staff associated with the project.

 The responsibilities for the project’s Client should include:

    1. development of the Statement Of Work,
    2. negotiation of the baseline project plan;
    3. early identification of revisions to the baseline project plan, and the Requesting of such Changes for re-negotiation.

 The Project Team’s obligations should include:

  1. the timely Distribution of expected project Information to all stakeholder’s;
  2. the understanding of, and the Work Buy-in of those activities associated with the project plan.